Let’s MakeMarge Jones
Recreational Facility
A Park For Everyone

Pickleball Courts, Lights for Nighttime Use, Improved Playground & More!

The Town of Rockport is kicking off a fundraising campaign of $300,000 to upgrade and improve The Marge Jones Recreational Facility, and we need YOUR help!


Current condition of basketball courts

Recent Updates

Over the past two years, the Rockport Recreation Committee have been working hard to make improvements, so far they have improved baseball and softball fields; have replaced fences, added a new flag pole, added 3 new sports sheds and upgraded the irrigation system, roadside sign and a new online scheduling tool. These improvements would not have been possible without local donations and commitments from taxpayers through the budget process.

Future Improvements include:

  • Repair the current basketball and tennis courts
  • Add pickleball lines to the existing tennis courts
  • Move and replace the current playground to a universal location
  • Build FOUR new pickleball ONLY courts
  • Add lights to fields and courts for continued nighttime use
  • Pave the road, parking area and additional parking
  • Future park expansion

Timeline for Improvements


  • Lines added to the existing tennis courts for pickleball
    • Spring 2023
  • Portable pickleball nets available at Marge Jones
    • Spring 2023
  • Start paving the entrace road to the facility
    • Summer 2023
  • Court repairs and resurface the basketball and tennis courts
    • Fall 2023
  • Relocate playground between little league and softball fields
    • Fall 2023

2024 & Beyond

  • New basketball backboards and nets • Lights to all courts and fields
  • Four new pickleball ONLY courts
  • Expansion
  • Finish paving of the facility

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